Gas Scrubber
  • Goel offer Pilot Plant Gas Scrubber for various gases likes HCl, Cl2, SO2, Br2, HBr, NOx etc or any other corrosive gases. These scrubbers use the media as water / Aq. NaOH / any other suitable solvent which can neutralise the exhaust gases. Our Pilot plant scrubber are ranging from 20 L vessel capacity to 500 L vessel capacity and scrubber diameter from 80DN to 300DN.

    We can also design and offer big size scrubber in Glass up to 800DN. Our scrubber will be having inbuilt Cooler to remove the heat of absorption. We also offer mini Blower of PP/FRP on request along with the Pilot Plant Scrubber.

    Pilot Plant Gas scrubber are mainly used in pharmaceutical, chemical, refinery & other industries. Glass scrubber offer process visibility as well as excellent corrosion resistance. Being a Glass Scrubber pressure drop across the scrubber will be minimized.

    Our sales/technical team will be glad to assist you desinging the best suitable system for your process requirements. Email us at -